TivoSlimserverClient 0.2.2a


My attempts to rush out a TivoSlimserverClient with SlimServer 6.5 compatibility did not fly. Some poor users did try to use 0.2.1a, only to be frustrated by its failure to launch.

Release 0.2.2a is now available from here.

Changes in 0.2.2a:

  • fixed “players count ?” crash
  • fixed duration display to support hours and leading zeroes
  • Tivo Remote Shortcuts help screen now scrollable
  • added duration to Song Info screen
  • using generic art on Song Info and Album Info screens

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  1. Thanks for the update! I’m running this under Galleon, is the entry in launcher.txt case-sensitive? I’m also wondering what I should see on the Tivo. There’s a Galleon icon, but nothing else yet.

  2. Hi Graham,

    The entry in launcher.txt is case-sensitive, so be sure to type carefully. TivoSlimserverClient should appear in the Music, Photos & More list as its own entry, not under Galleon.


  3. Hmm. OK, I have com.edmondcho.TivoSlimserverClient in my launcher.txt, and have launcher.txt and the TivoSlimServerClient.jar in hme/ (also symlinked to apps/). It doesn’t appear to be broadcasting to the Tivo (testing with the simulator.jar shows the same thing), so no entry in Music, Photos, etc ever shows up.

    The standalone version seems to work OK, but I’d like to run Galleon as well.

  4. One more update from the Galleon logs:

    22:40:22,334 ERROR [main] AppFactory – java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.edmondcho.TivoSlimserverClient: check the classpath and access permissions

  5. hm. Your new string seems like the correct one to me. I will correct the download page to reflect this.

    I wonder why it was working for me before. It seems like I should have gotten the same exception.

  6. Do you get the TivoSlimserver icon to show up in Music, Photos, etc? I never see it show up on the Tivo, even after letting it run all last night. The icon will show up in standalone mode, so there’s some difference between the two.

  7. There’s no msdns traffic from slimserverclient telling the tivo where it is. Watching with tcpdump shows galleon traffic, but nothing from tivoslimserver.

  8. Graham,

    I just noticed that my setup does not match that of the Galleon FAQ entry. I placed the jar in the ‘apps’ folder, not the ‘hme’ folder. The only thing in the ‘hme’ folder is launcher.txt.

    I started putting it there from 0.1a because I didn’t know how to launch the hme environment yet. I was piggybacking my app on Galleon’s environment.

  9. Just started playing around with Galleon and can across this app. Absolutely fantastic. As someone with over 1500 FLAC’ed CDs this is a great fine. Any chance you will be supporting the MusicIP Mixer integration in the client?

  10. MusicIP Mixer creates a patented acoustic fingerprint of each file which allows it to create custom mixes based on how the tracks sound. It works very well. You can run it in a headerless mode and slimserver connects to it. You can create mixes by artist, album, or individual song.

    I have also been playing around with the client, and it crashes for me everything it tries to put up any data. What I mean is, on the static screens like Genre, Artist, Album, it is fine. As soon as I select something, the client crashes and it causes slimserver to crash.

    albums 0 3451
    at com.edmondcho.tivoslimserverclient.TivoSlimserverClient.runCommand(TivoSlimserverClient.java:267)

  11. Sorry about the crashes. Things to check:
    1. SlimServer version is 6.5 or higher.
    2. SlimServer is running at the same ip address as TivoHME.
    3. Command line plug-in is enabled in SlimServer.
    4. Password is disabled in SlimServer (not yet supported).
    5. The Settings>Choose Player shows your Tivo’s ip highlighted.

    It looks like 1-3 are probably ok if you have gotten as far as you did. That exception gets thrown when the command line doesn’t return any results (which needs to be handled more gracefully in the future).

  12. Edmond,

    I really excited about getting this application to work but I am having trouble. I have the tivo client installed with Galleon. The slimserver client appears on my tivo and when I check my slimserver it lists the tivo’s ip address. I can pick songs to play and all that, but I have no audio. Any ideas?

  13. Steve,

    Are the audio files MP3? I believe the Tivo will only playback MP3 streams, though I might be wrong. Slimserver allows you to transcode from one audio format to another so you don’t need to convert your library. You just configure Slimserver to transcode the files on the fly.


  14. Thanks, got it to work, when I installed slimserver, I needed to get lame.exe to transcode into mp3 and put it in the server bin folder

  15. I have things somewhat operational. But, I’m wondering if something is wrong with my setup. I’m using an older powermac as the server. It has a G4 933 MHz processor and 768 MB. The problem is that the tivoserverclient is commonly pegging the CPU usage at 100% which I suspect is causing the UI from the Tivo to be very sluggish. Is the tivoserverclient that processor intensive that I need to move it to another machine, or is a sign that something isn’t right with the setup.

  16. Well… I don’t think that it’s a setup issue. It’s probably more that the app is hobbled together by a Java newbie. There is a lot of inefficient code, and there is no memory management, as such. Hopefully, things will continue to improve with each version.

  17. Hey,
    2 things:
    1. AWESOME product. I am currently running it through galleon. It is truly awesome and saves me from buying a squeezebox!!
    2. I had an issue where it was broke. App would be listed on tivo but would crash when selected. Galleon log showed “”players count ?” crash” error. The msg above on January 7th, 2007 at 1:14 pm #3 corrected this issue (turned it off when trying to *optimize* the slimserver :).

    Last thing… (okay, so I have 3 things! 🙂 ) sometime when you have a chance, could you add the ability to “shuffle” from the client? Small point to an othewise perfect client! 🙂
    Thank you for your work on this!

  18. Thanks, Mark.

    I’m glad you got it running. Shuffle is definitely something I am interested in implementing. Search would be nice, too, but that one may take a while longer.


  19. Any chance of getting the source code? I thought I’d look into why the tivoserverclient is using 100% of my processor even when there is no active stream.

  20. Any chance there is a new version on the horizon? I really like the idea, however, the current version is not working for me. I am able to browse once and then it crashes slimserver. I haven’t messed around with it too much so I haven’t narrowed down factors. I have a rather large collection 30K+ files and 2 Tivos connecting. Might either of those things be causing a problem?

  21. Jeff,

    I only have one Tivo, so I don’t know what effect it might have on SlimServer or my Tivo client.

    Unfortunately/fortunately, I have a new computer so I need to get my environment set up again for development.

    And I have some homework to do regarding the memory and processor hogging of the app. I am not a java developer, so I need to learn it before I do it.


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