TivoSlimserverClient 0.2.2a


My attempts to rush out a TivoSlim­server­Client with Slim­Serv­er 6.5 com­pat­i­bil­i­ty did not fly. Some poor users did try to use 0.2.1a, only to be frus­trat­ed by its fail­ure to launch.

Release 0.2.2a is now avail­able from here.

Changes in 0.2.2a:

  • fixed “play­ers count ?” crash
  • fixed dura­tion dis­play to sup­port hours and lead­ing zeroes
  • Tivo Remote Short­cuts help screen now scrol­lable
  • added dura­tion to Song Info screen
  • using gener­ic art on Song Info and Album Info screens

27 Replies to “TivoSlimserverClient 0.2.2a”

  1. Thanks for the update! I’m run­ning this under Galleon, is the entry in launcher.txt case-sen­si­tive? I’m also won­der­ing what I should see on the Tivo. There’s a Galleon icon, but noth­ing else yet.

  2. Hi Gra­ham,

    The entry in launcher.txt is case-sen­si­tive, so be sure to type care­ful­ly. TivoSlim­server­Client should appear in the Music, Pho­tos & More list as its own entry, not under Galleon.


  3. Hmm. OK, I have com.edmondcho.TivoSlimserverClient in my launcher.txt, and have launcher.txt and the TivoSlimServerClient.jar in hme/ (also sym­linked to apps/). It does­n’t appear to be broad­cast­ing to the Tivo (test­ing with the simulator.jar shows the same thing), so no entry in Music, Pho­tos, etc ever shows up.

    The stand­alone ver­sion seems to work OK, but I’d like to run Galleon as well.

  4. One more update from the Galleon logs:

    22:40:22,334 ERROR [main] App­Fac­to­ry — java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.edmondcho.TivoSlimserverClient: check the class­path and access per­mis­sions

  5. hm. Your new string seems like the cor­rect one to me. I will cor­rect the down­load page to reflect this.

    I won­der why it was work­ing for me before. It seems like I should have got­ten the same excep­tion.

  6. Do you get the TivoSlim­serv­er icon to show up in Music, Pho­tos, etc? I nev­er see it show up on the Tivo, even after let­ting it run all last night. The icon will show up in stand­alone mode, so there’s some dif­fer­ence between the two.

  7. There’s no msdns traf­fic from slim­server­client telling the tivo where it is. Watch­ing with tcp­dump shows galleon traf­fic, but noth­ing from tivoslim­serv­er.

  8. Gra­ham,

    I just noticed that my set­up does not match that of the Galleon FAQ entry. I placed the jar in the ‘apps’ fold­er, not the ‘hme’ fold­er. The only thing in the ‘hme’ fold­er is launcher.txt.

    I start­ed putting it there from 0.1a because I did­n’t know how to launch the hme envi­ron­ment yet. I was pig­gy­back­ing my app on Galleon’s envi­ron­ment.

  9. Just start­ed play­ing around with Galleon and can across this app. Absolute­ly fan­tas­tic. As some­one with over 1500 FLAC’ed CDs this is a great fine. Any chance you will be sup­port­ing the MusicIP Mix­er inte­gra­tion in the client?

  10. MusicIP Mix­er cre­ates a patent­ed acoustic fin­ger­print of each file which allows it to cre­ate cus­tom mix­es based on how the tracks sound. It works very well. You can run it in a head­er­less mode and slim­serv­er con­nects to it. You can cre­ate mix­es by artist, album, or indi­vid­ual song.

    I have also been play­ing around with the client, and it crash­es for me every­thing it tries to put up any data. What I mean is, on the sta­t­ic screens like Genre, Artist, Album, it is fine. As soon as I select some­thing, the client crash­es and it caus­es slim­serv­er to crash.

    albums 0 3451
    at com.edmondcho.tivoslimserverclient.TivoSlimserverClient.runCommand(TivoSlimserverClient.java:267)

  11. Sor­ry about the crash­es. Things to check:
    1. Slim­Serv­er ver­sion is 6.5 or high­er.
    2. Slim­Serv­er is run­ning at the same ip address as TivoHME.
    3. Com­mand line plug-in is enabled in Slim­Serv­er.
    4. Pass­word is dis­abled in Slim­Serv­er (not yet sup­port­ed).
    5. The Settings>Choose Play­er shows your Tivo’s ip high­light­ed.

    It looks like 1–3 are prob­a­bly ok if you have got­ten as far as you did. That excep­tion gets thrown when the com­mand line does­n’t return any results (which needs to be han­dled more grace­ful­ly in the future).

  12. Edmond,

    I real­ly excit­ed about get­ting this appli­ca­tion to work but I am hav­ing trou­ble. I have the tivo client installed with Galleon. The slim­serv­er client appears on my tivo and when I check my slim­serv­er it lists the tivo’s ip address. I can pick songs to play and all that, but I have no audio. Any ideas?

  13. Steve,

    Are the audio files MP3? I believe the Tivo will only play­back MP3 streams, though I might be wrong. Slim­serv­er allows you to transcode from one audio for­mat to anoth­er so you don’t need to con­vert your library. You just con­fig­ure Slim­serv­er to transcode the files on the fly.


  14. I have things some­what oper­a­tional. But, I’m won­der­ing if some­thing is wrong with my set­up. I’m using an old­er pow­er­mac as the serv­er. It has a G4 933 MHz proces­sor and 768 MB. The prob­lem is that the tivoserver­client is com­mon­ly peg­ging the CPU usage at 100% which I sus­pect is caus­ing the UI from the Tivo to be very slug­gish. Is the tivoserver­client that proces­sor inten­sive that I need to move it to anoth­er machine, or is a sign that some­thing isn’t right with the set­up.

  15. Well… I don’t think that it’s a set­up issue. It’s prob­a­bly more that the app is hob­bled togeth­er by a Java new­bie. There is a lot of inef­fi­cient code, and there is no mem­o­ry man­age­ment, as such. Hope­ful­ly, things will con­tin­ue to improve with each ver­sion.

  16. Hey,
    2 things:
    1. AWESOME prod­uct. I am cur­rent­ly run­ning it through galleon. It is tru­ly awe­some and saves me from buy­ing a squeeze­box!!
    2. I had an issue where it was broke. App would be list­ed on tivo but would crash when select­ed. Galleon log showed ““play­ers count ?” crash” error. The msg above on Jan­u­ary 7th, 2007 at 1:14 pm #3 cor­rect­ed this issue (turned it off when try­ing to *opti­mize* the slim­serv­er :).

    Last thing… (okay, so I have 3 things! 🙂 ) some­time when you have a chance, could you add the abil­i­ty to “shuf­fle” from the client? Small point to an oth­e­wise per­fect client! 🙂
    Thank you for your work on this!

  17. Thanks, Mark.

    I’m glad you got it run­ning. Shuf­fle is def­i­nite­ly some­thing I am inter­est­ed in imple­ment­ing. Search would be nice, too, but that one may take a while longer.


  18. Any chance of get­ting the source code? I thought I’d look into why the tivoserver­client is using 100% of my proces­sor even when there is no active stream.

  19. Any chance there is a new ver­sion on the hori­zon? I real­ly like the idea, how­ev­er, the cur­rent ver­sion is not work­ing for me. I am able to browse once and then it crash­es slim­serv­er. I haven’t messed around with it too much so I haven’t nar­rowed down fac­tors. I have a rather large col­lec­tion 30K+ files and 2 Tivos con­nect­ing. Might either of those things be caus­ing a prob­lem?

  20. Jeff,

    I only have one Tivo, so I don’t know what effect it might have on Slim­Serv­er or my Tivo client.

    Unfortunately/fortunately, I have a new com­put­er so I need to get my envi­ron­ment set up again for devel­op­ment.

    And I have some home­work to do regard­ing the mem­o­ry and proces­sor hog­ging of the app. I am not a java devel­op­er, so I need to learn it before I do it.


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