Easily fix problem with Facetime log in

Recent­ly, Face­time on my work lap­top stopped work­ing prop­er­ly. Even with the cor­rect ID and pass­word, the app would “ver­i­fy” my account but then refuse to acti­vate Face­time. Instead I would get this error: The reg­is­ter­ing device does not have appro­pri­ate cre­den­tials Thanks to this post: http://porkrind.org/missives/imessage-on-mac-os-x-not-working/ I learned that a sim­ple “kil­lall ima­gent” com­mand […]

PNG-8 with alpha transparency

I learned a new web trick today. Appar­ent­ly, Photoshop’s inabil­i­ty to save PNG-8 with alpha trans­paren­cy is not a lim­i­ta­tion of PNG-8 but a lim­i­ta­tion in Pho­to­shop. For years, I have been oper­at­ing under the assump­tion that I need to use PNG-24 to achieve trans­paren­cy effects in my web projects. This is usu­al­ly a com­pro­mise […]


I am still try­ing to wrap my head around this amaz­ing devel­op­ment. Through the numb­ing fog of cyn­i­cism and despite a gen­er­al­ized sus­pi­cion of pol­i­tics, I was gen­uine­ly moved when Barack Oba­ma gave his accep­tance speech. It real­ly does feel mon­u­men­tal and his­toric. What hap­pened in CA with Prop (h)8, though? Lame.

Why I closed my Facebook account

The NY Times has pub­lished a col­umn in its Bits Blog that sum­ma­rizes the evo­lu­tion of Facebook’s Bea­con adver­tis­ing pro­gram. I think that it is more reveal­ing than focus­ing on the back­lash or peti­tions to actu­al­ly exam­ine the pro­gram itself, along with the sup­posed improve­ments made by Face­book along the way. The col­umn does a […]