NOTE: This project is no longer main­tained. It was a fun and edu­ca­tion­al under­tak­ing at a time before networked/distributed audio sys­tems were com­mon­place and afford­able.

What is it?

TivoSlim­server­Client is a soft­ware appli­ca­tion that turns your net­work-enabled Tivo Series2 DVR into a stream­ing audio client for Slim­Serv­er.

TivoSlim­server­Client makes it easy to nav­i­gate your music col­lec­tion, and offers the added ben­e­fit of juke­box-like song queu­ing.


  • Main Info ScreenStream­ing: The most basic func­tion of the client is to play an mp3 stream on your Tivo. This fea­ture is great­ly enhanced if your tele­vi­sion has decent speak­ers, or is con­nect­ed to a home audio sys­tem.
  • Brows­ing: The sec­ond most impor­tant fea­ture is enabling you to find music that you want to hear. TivoSlim­server­Client lets you browse by genre, artist or album. Unlike Tivo Desk­top, which presents your music library in long lists, TivoSlim­server­Client divides albums or artists alpha­bet­i­cal­ly, allow­ing you to quick­ly nav­i­gate to the item you want.

    Main Browse ScreenBrowse by Album screenBrowse Alphabetical Groups
  • Playlists: Slim­Serv­er sup­ports playlists, and will even import your iTunes playlists if you ask it nice­ly. TivoSlim­server­Client lets you browse and lis­ten to all the playlists in your Slim­Serv­er library.
  • Song QueueSong Queue/Jukebox: As you browse your music library in TivoSlim­server­Client, it is easy to select songs to lis­ten to. You can choose to play a song imme­di­ate­ly, add it to the end of the queue, or even add it to the top of the queue; it will play next.
    All Songs screenYou can add whole albums at once, or even whole gen­res or all songs by an artist. And, of course, you can Play Now, Play Next, or Add to Queue.
  • If you change your mind about a selec­tion, you can eas­i­ly remove it from the Song Queue. TivoSlim­server­Client allows you to delete queue items and change the order by mov­ing songs up or down.
  • More screen­shots:

    Song DetailsAlbum TracksSettings and Shortcuts


Download dmg

TivoSlim­server­Client for Mac
Ver­sion: 0.2.2a
Price: Free!
Down­load dmg (1.1MB)

Download zipTivoSlim­server­Client
Ver­sion: 0.2.2a
Price: Free!
Down­load app + hme jars (476 KB)
Down­load jar (92 KB)

Mac users:
Down­load the dmg. It con­tains a crude app bun­dle to make life eas­i­er for Mac users.
Dou­ble-click the dmg file to mount.
Drag TivoSlim­server­Client to your hard dri­ve.
Unmount dmg.
Stand­alone users (com­mand line):
Down­load the app + hme jars ver­sion.
From the com­mand line, change to the TivoSlim­server­Client fold­er:
cd /path/to/TivoSlimserverClient
Type the fol­low­ing com­mand, and hit Enter:
You should see some out­put sim­i­lar to this:
HME SDK 1.4 (TiVo, Inc.)
LOG: added factory
Run to your Tivo to try it out!
Galleon users:
To use TivoSlim­server­Client with Galleon, down­load the jar ver­sion. Copy the jar into Galleon’s “hme” fold­er and add the fol­low­ing line to launcher.txt:
Restart the Galleon ser­vice.
Source: Galleon FAQ
Change Log
Ini­tial release
made selec­tion bar wider for Choose Play­er
made gener­ic “Art­work Not Avail­able” graph­ic
added Max­i­mum Bitrate pref­er­ence
added song length to main info screen
made serv­er sta­tus queries more effi­cient
fixed excep­tion that occurred when slim­serv­er cli com­mand was prepend­ing play­er address at launch.
com­pat­i­bilty with Slim Serv­er 6.5
fixed “play­ers count ?” crash
fixed dura­tion dis­play to sup­port hours and lead­ing zeroes
Tivo Remote Short­cuts help screen now scrol­lable
added dura­tion to Song Info screen
using gener­ic art on Song Info and Album Info screens


This soft­ware is no longer sup­port­ed.


Ver­sion 6.5 or high­er
Slim­Serv­er is the engine behind Slim Devices’ Squeeze­box net­work music play­er. The serv­er soft­ware is released under the Open Source GPL license. I have been using it for a while to lis­ten to my home music col­lec­tion while work­ing in the office.
Fol­low the instruc­tions in the Begin­ners­Guide to get Slim­Serv­er run­ning.
Cur­rent­ly, TivoSlim­server­Client will only work with Slim­Serv­er run­ning on the same host as Tivo HME.
Tivo HME
Tivo HME is an “open plat­form for appli­ca­tions that are dis­played and con­trolled by broad­band-con­nect­ed TiVo Series2 DVRs.” The SDK is released under the Com­mon Pub­lic License (CPL).
Accord­ing to Tivo, to use HME, your Tivo must be:
  • A Series2 Tivo DVR (not sup­port­ed on DirecTV or Series 1 DVR)
  • Con­nect­ed to your home net­work.
  • Run­ning Tivo ser­vice update 7.1‑X or high­er.
Also, your PC must:
  • have Java 1.4.2 (or lat­er) installed.
  • if you use Win­dows XP SP2, the Win­dows Fire­wall may pre­vent your DVR from talk­ing to your PC. You must allow an excep­tion for HME.

Source for Tivo HME require­ments:

Tivo HME appli­ca­tions run­ning behind a fire­wall will gen­er­al­ly have trou­ble unless you open up a few ports to net­work traf­fic:
  • Open port 5353 to UDP traf­fic. This allows Tivo to dis­cov­er HME appli­ca­tions via mul­ti­cast DNS (Rendezvous/Bonjour).
  • Open port 7288 to TCP traf­fic. This lets Tivo access the appli­ca­tions.
TivoHME Quick Start

I would like to thank the fol­low­ing:

  • Dave at, aka F8ster on the forums, whose tuto­ri­als on get­ting start­ed with Tivo HME SDK, Bananas SDK and Eclipse IDE were instru­men­tal in get­ting me start­ed on this project.
  • Fred at the Slim Devices forums for his feed­back on the com­mand line inter­face to Slim­Serv­er.


This soft­ware is pro­vid­ed as-is, and is free of charge. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not respon­si­ble for any prob­lems that may occur as a result of attempt­ing to install the required Java Run­time Envi­ron­ment or Slim­Serv­er soft­ware. Sup­port requests will be han­dled as time per­mits, please be patient. I will not pro­vide sup­port for instal­la­tion of JRE or Slim­Serv­er. Please refer to the pro­vid­ed infor­ma­tion­al links for guid­ance.