TivoSlimserverClient support forum

Even though it has been a very, very long time since I updated TivoSlimserverClient it seems that there are people who are still discovering it and using it.

Though I am usually happy to respond to email or blog comment questions, I think it may be more beneficial to all users to bring the discussion into the open.

I am pleased to announce that I have just opened the TivoSlimserverClient forums.

So please feel free to ask questions there, and hopefully I will get to you soon. Or even better — some helpful fellow user might see fit to answer your question for me.

Go: TivoSlimserverClient forums

TivoSlimserverClient 0.2.2a


My attempts to rush out a TivoSlimserverClient with SlimServer 6.5 compatibility did not fly. Some poor users did try to use 0.2.1a, only to be frustrated by its failure to launch.

Release 0.2.2a is now available from here.

Changes in 0.2.2a:

  • fixed “players count ?” crash
  • fixed duration display to support hours and leading zeroes
  • Tivo Remote Shortcuts help screen now scrollable
  • added duration to Song Info screen
  • using generic art on Song Info and Album Info screens

TivoSlimserverClient 0.2a

TivoSlimserverClientTivoSlimserverClient has been updated.

Changes in this version:

  • made selection bar wider for Choose Player
  • made generic “Artwork Not Available” graphic
  • added Maximum Bitrate preference
  • added song length to main info screen
  • made server status queries more efficient
  • fixed exception that occured when slimserver cli command was prepending player address at launch.

TivoSlimserverClient is now available in two formats: jnlp (Java Web Start) and jar.

I am providing the jar for users who may already be running TivoHME environments, such as Galleon.

Available for download at: https://www.edmondcho.com/tivoslim/