Dubstep mix, 28 June 2006

Trying to do my part to spread the sound.

Since I don’t have a proper dj setup, I tried making a mix in Ableton Live. Obviously I am missing something crucial because it seemed much more difficult that it should have been. Many times, I wished I could touch the vinyl and nudge things a bit here and there. I never figured out what to do in Live to do what I wanted.

So, the mix is a bit rough in spots, but it gets the idea across. I hope a few bad transitions don’t ruin it for anybody.

[update July 1, 2006] Well, since this was a digital “mix” I was able to go back and edit some of the rough spots a bit. It feels like cheating, but I think that it’ll be better for the listener. Also, encoded as slightly better quality mp3.


download: dubstep_mix_28-June-2006.mp3 (46.63MB)


  1. Goat Stare – Loefah
  2. Gut Feeling – Emalkay
  3. Gamma – luke.envoy
  4. Way of the Dub – N-Type
  5. Sparkle – Elemental
  6. Angel – Toasty
  7. Angry – Skream
  8. Egyptic – L-Wiz
  9. Jeffrey and Bungle – Caspah
  10. Tred – N-Type
  11. Frequency – Emalkay
  12. Cyclops – Distance
  13. Misunderstood – N-Type
  14. Honour Kill – luke.envoy
  15. Like Sun – Toasty

6 Replies to “Dubstep mix, 28 June 2006”

  1. the download didn’t work for me (safari 2.0.4, 10.4.7; Flash Player 8). it took me to the save dialog and then didn’t follow through!

  2. hm. that is certainly confusing. It acted the same way for me, so I went to test it in another browser. I was told that the file existed already.

    Check again to see that the file wasn’t actually downloaded. It seems like Flash does its download in the background, without handing it off to the browser. Which means no report on progress 🙁

    I think the only way to show progress is to write some Actionscript to handle it.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoy it. Not my music, though, eh?

    I decided that I don’t like the way that Flash does its “invisible” download and I turned it off. Simple html link does the trick.

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