Skanking happiness

Poorman StyleI recent­ly dig­i­tized my vinyl copy of Bar­ring­ton Levy’s Poor­man Style album and I have been enjoy­ing it tremen­dous­ly. The com­bi­na­tion of the Roots Radics band, Bar­ring­ton, and Sci­en­tist is so sweet and heavy. The tem­pos are slow, the basslines are irre­sistible, and Bar­ring­ton Levy’s deliv­ery is so direct and earnest that it does­n’t even mat­ter what the lyrics are. And as if that was­n’t enough, one of my favorite dub spe­cial­ists, Sci­en­tist, pep­pers the whole affair with sub­tle dub­wise inter­ven­tions through­out. For those who are famil­iar with Bar­ring­ton Levy, there are plen­ty of whoa-yoii-yeeeaaa’s but not so many wood­ly-ood­ly’s in this ses­sion.

Bar­ring­ton Levy over the Roots Radics sound, mixed by Sci­en­tist. So good. Some damn fine gui­tar work, too.

Selec­tions from Poor­man Style (Clock­tow­er, 1982):

She is the Best Girl

Poor­man Style
I Love, I Love You

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