Arundel (Papa M acoustic cover)

I posted this video recently of my acoustic cover of "Arundel" by Papa M.

Someone asked in the comments for tabs, so I went about trying to make some. I used TuxGuitar, which was not a bad experience but the pdf export looks really fuzzy. If anyone has any tips for improving the output, I'd love to hear them.

Download: Papa M - Arundel tablature (34KB)
Tuning: (low to high) C G C F C E

Hope you enjoy learning this piece, it's one of my favorite guitar solos.

My Favorite Music of 2012

There are still some great albums and singles being released mid-December, including a new 12-inch from Burial, which could easily be included here if I had had more time with them before compiling this year's list. As always, this is my small contribution to the mass of music nerd list-making that happens at the end of each calendar year. I'm sure I've missed some of your favorites and I will likely read a lot of other lists to satisfy my curiosity over missed items and unjust dismissals. I hope you find something to enjoy!

Selections in alphabetical order

Burial - Kindred

Hyperdub have released two 12-inch records from Burial in 2012. If you like Burial you likely know what to expect. No surprises here: crackly atmosphere, meta-rave sonic vocabulary, skittery percussion... All the things I always love about Burial, no matter how same-y it's starting to get. The only surprise, then, could be that I'm still not tired of Burial music.

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Copy calculated bpm data from algoriddim djay to iTunes using Applescript

It's been a long time since I've messed with Applescript.

I modified a script I found on the algoriddim forums. This script would run through all tracks that were analyzed in djay and try to write the bpm data to the mp3 tag in iTunes. If your library is large, this could take days.

My modified script will take the currently selected tracks in iTunes and look for bpm data in the djay metadata plist file. Potentially a much smaller and more focused task.

[UPDATED 29 Feb 2012]
I have included support for manually-set bpm values, which are stored by djay in a separate plist file.

[UPDATED 29 Mar 2012]
I have included support for copying key data to iTunes, with translation of djay's integer value to string representation

[UPDATED 23 Dec 2012]
Bugfix: reset bpm variables in script to prevent old values from being held in memory for the next track. Thanks, Kieron Thorpe!

[UPDATED 22 Jan 2013]
Bugfix: tracks with a key of 8B-C were being skipped. Thanks, recoltonRobert!
Enhancement: warn user if no tracks are selected in iTunes.

Download "Get bpm and key from Djay.scpt"