Arundel (Papa M acoustic cover)

I post­ed this video recent­ly of my acoustic cov­er of “Arun­del” by Papa M.

Some­one asked in the com­ments for tabs, so I went about try­ing to make some. I used Tux­Gui­tar, which was not a bad expe­ri­ence but the pdf export looks real­ly fuzzy. If any­one has any tips for improv­ing the out­put, I’d love to hear them.

Down­load: Papa M — Arun­del tab­la­ture (14KB)
Tun­ing: (low to high) C G C F C E

Hope you enjoy learn­ing this piece, it’s one of my favorite gui­tar solos.

[UPDATE 13 Novem­ber 2017]: Thanks to a com­menter on YouTube I learned the new ver­sion of Tux­Gui­tar has bet­ter PDF out­put. The tab file has been updat­ed and it is much eas­i­er to read (plus small­er file size)!

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