Favorite Music from 2010

Another list. I look forward to skimming through others’ lists to see what I missed or dismissed too easily in 2010 or what never made it to my ears.

My picks, in alphabetical order:

Akira Rabelais – Caduceus
The latest from Akira Rabelais delves further into his finely textured soundworld. Having built a delicate and detailed sonic vocabulary since the 1990s, this composer continues to impress me with his skilled digital manipulations. Finely tuned grit.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Still living with this one… I immediately liked about half of the album while the rest took time to grow on me.
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Music faves from 2009

It seems that 2009 is the year when I shifted my attention back to rock and pop music. Dubstep still holds my attention but not to the extent that it did back in 2006 when it took over my brain. Here are the things I enjoyed most in 2009, in no particular order.

Best Albums

Thanks to my friend, Tony, who first mentioned this band to me. The XX are a young bunch who make lean pop music consisting of boy/girl vocals, hand-played drum machines and perfectly placed guitar lines. This album quickly became a habit.

The XX – Islands:

The XX – Night Time:
The XX – VCR:
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Found it!

I love when I find something that I forgot that I was looking for…

I used to search for this song at every record store I visited from around 1996-2000. It was not a new song at the time, but I really wanted it on 7-inch. Amoeba Records in San Francisco had a corner filled with shelves which were filled with long boxes of Jamaican singles and I would flip blindly through those records, not really knowing much about most of them.

I never found the record.

But today I stumbled on the song again in mp3 form! An old old itch has finally been scratched.

Simpleton – Coca Cola Shape

dj mumbler on-the-air

logomain11Starting this Sunday, I will be hosting a radio show on KANM – “the college station of College Station.” It is an AM station, as well as cable FM on Suddenlink Communications. There is a stream available at http://kanm.tamu.edu, which seems like the most normal way to access the show (what is cable FM?).

The show will be free-form.

I will be sharing music I like, and maybe some stuff the station makes me include. The majority of programming on the station is indie rock-centered, so if I do pull from their library I should be able to find some good music. My focus will be dubstep, roots/dub reggae and other musics of the Jamaican diaspora, hip-hop, possibly grime, Bollywood/filmi songs and maybe even some experimental/modern classical music.

Sundays 12-2pm
KANM, College Station
1580 AM
campus cable TV channel 88

Ed’s Music Picks for 2008 (where did the year go?)

It is hard to believe that it is December already almost January. It is even harder to believe that I had to scrape sleet off my windshield today last week in the middle of Texas.

This year saw some big changes:
1. I now live in TX.
2. I now have a regular job. I am not self employed so I have to wear pants and talk to people.
3. I ditched that horrible razr. iPhone, baby!
4. I bought a house.

OK, enough chitchat. On to the music… my favorites from this past year in no particular order:
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my song got played on rinse fm!

I forgot to post this before.

My dubstep tune “worldwide” got played on DJ Distance’s new talent section of his Rinse FM show on 6 May 2008. Unfortunately, he credited me as dj number instead of dj mumbler, but I was excited anyway.

The podcast can be grabbed here:

[update 8 Oct 2008] It seems that rinsefm.blogspot.com has cleared out their archive. Good thing I saved the podcast for myself!

Here’s the excerpt:

And here’s the tune without all the chat:

2007 Music Rewind

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. “Best of” list time. While 2007 has been a pretty active year for new releases, I found that I kept going back to the same albums — which were not necessarily the ones whose releases I anticipated the most.

By the way, a lot of the music I’ve enjoyed the most this year deploy obscene amounts of bass. If you don’t have a subwoofer, you hear only half of the music…
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