freeform mix 21 Oct 2006

la_vache.jpgGrowing up in suburban New Jersey, it required a lot of work to learn about new music. Record buying trips to New York City were my surest method of locating releases that I may have heard mention of, but never actually saw in stores. The situation is very different now, of course, but in high school, I was still a few years away from even discovering Usenet newsgroups and Mosaic was a novelty. My musical curiosity couldn’t be satisfied easily for reasons of age, location or budget. The record industry may bemoan the explosion of music on the internet, but it has become much easier for music lovers to discover new or historically overlooked music. Back then, “Google” was not yet a verb, and research often required gas money.

In this context, discovering free form radio was nothing short of miraculous to my young brain. WFMU ( was transmitting weird, cranky, funny, obscure, impossible music. And I could drive around quaint, quiet and boring suburban New Jersey while listening to sounds that I never imagined possible, hosted with unapologetic strangeness.

This mix does not come near the eclecticism of WFMU, by any means, but it is my own exercise in mixing and sequencing across genre.

stream: [su_audio url=”″ width=”200px”]
download: freeform_mix_21Oct2006.mp3 (104.39MB)


  1. Dark Was The Night – Blind Willie Johnson
  2. Alberta – John Lee Hooker
  3. Things That I Used To Do – Muddy Waters
  4. You Know – Stone Coal White
  5. Rhyme Placement – Mass Influence
  6. Pushin’ Orbitz – Sub-Conscious
  7. Glass Bottom Boat – Siah And Yeshuah Dapo ED
  8. Afraid of the Light – Maspyke
  9. Lune TNS – Company Flow
  10. Sublevel Dominance – Self Scientific
  11. Armagideon Time – Willie Williams
  12. I Love, I Love You – Barrington Levy
  13. Truth And Rights – Johhny Osbourne
  14. Mach/Hey – Jamie Saft
  15. Out / Out – Brian Eno
  16. Calling To The Water Goddess – Hu Vibrational
  17. What a Mistry w/ Paul St. Hilaire – Rhythm & Sound
  18. Stump Of A Drowner – Brise-Glace
  19. Duende – Nettle
  20. Bedouin Raid – Badawi
  21. Blood On My Hands – Shackleton
  22. tainted dub – lycaon productions
  23. Super Duper – Emalkay
  24. Rubber Chicken – Caspa
  25. Youthman Dub – Juju
  26. Molten – Digital Mystikz
  27. Gutted – Burial
  28. Fleurette Africaine (African Flower) – Duke Ellington
  29. A Change Is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke

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