freeform mix 21 Oct 2006

la_vache.jpgGrow­ing up in sub­ur­ban New Jer­sey, it required a lot of work to learn about new music. Record buy­ing trips to New York City were my surest method of locat­ing releas­es that I may have heard men­tion of, but nev­er actu­al­ly saw in stores. The sit­u­a­tion is very dif­fer­ent now, of course, but in high school, I was still a few years away from even dis­cov­er­ing Usenet news­groups and Mosa­ic was a nov­el­ty. My musi­cal curios­i­ty could­n’t be sat­is­fied eas­i­ly for rea­sons of age, loca­tion or bud­get. The record indus­try may bemoan the explo­sion of music on the inter­net, but it has become much eas­i­er for music lovers to dis­cov­er new or his­tor­i­cal­ly over­looked music. Back then, “Google” was not yet a verb, and research often required gas mon­ey.

In this con­text, dis­cov­er­ing free form radio was noth­ing short of mirac­u­lous to my young brain. WFMU ( was trans­mit­ting weird, cranky, fun­ny, obscure, impos­si­ble music. And I could dri­ve around quaint, qui­et and bor­ing sub­ur­ban New Jer­sey while lis­ten­ing to sounds that I nev­er imag­ined pos­si­ble, host­ed with unapolo­getic strange­ness.

This mix does not come near the eclec­ti­cism of WFMU, by any means, but it is my own exer­cise in mix­ing and sequenc­ing across genre.


down­load: freeform_mix_21Oct2006.mp3 (104.39MB)

  1. Dark Was The Night — Blind Willie John­son
  2. Alber­ta — John Lee Hook­er
  3. Things That I Used To Do — Mud­dy Waters
  4. You Know — Stone Coal White
  5. Rhyme Place­ment — Mass Influ­ence
  6. Pushin’ Orb­itz — Sub-Con­scious
  7. Glass Bot­tom Boat — Siah And Yeshuah Dapo ED
  8. Afraid of the Light — Maspyke
  9. Lune TNS — Com­pa­ny Flow
  10. Sub­lev­el Dom­i­nance — Self Sci­en­tif­ic
  11. Armagideon Time — Willie Williams
  12. I Love, I Love You — Bar­ring­ton Levy
  13. Truth And Rights — Johh­ny Osbourne
  14. Mach/Hey — Jamie Saft
  15. Out / Out — Bri­an Eno
  16. Call­ing To The Water God­dess — Hu Vibra­tional
  17. What a Mis­try w/ Paul St. Hilaire — Rhythm & Sound
  18. Stump Of A Drown­er — Brise-Glace
  19. Duende — Net­tle
  20. Bedouin Raid — Badawi
  21. Blood On My Hands — Shack­le­ton
  22. taint­ed dub — lycaon pro­duc­tions
  23. Super Duper — Emalkay
  24. Rub­ber Chick­en — Cas­pa
  25. Youth­man Dub — Juju
  26. Molten — Dig­i­tal Mys­tikz
  27. Gut­ted — Bur­ial
  28. Fleurette Africaine (African Flower) — Duke Elling­ton
  29. A Change Is Gonna Come — Sam Cooke

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