Sloppy dubstep mix, 7 Oct 2006

Anoth­er mix of dub­step tunes. These have been wait­ing around to be mixed for a while, but I nev­er got around to it. This time, I used NI Trak­tor to actu­al­ly mix the songs togeth­er. As a result, it is quite a bit slop­pi­er than my last mix, which was assem­bled in Able­ton Live. Enjoy!


down­load: sloppy_dubstep_mix_7-Oct-2006.mp3 (65.62MB)

  1. Temp­ta­tion — Dis­tance
  2. Lata — Black­down
  3. Sholay — High Plains Drifter v Goldspot
  4. 28g — Loe­fah
  5. Mud — Loe­fah
  6. Wavescape — Search & Destroy
  7. Dis­tur­bance — SNO
  8. Wear the Crown — DQ1
  9. Bul­la Cake — Slaugh­ter Mob
  10. flesh wound — Time­blind
  11. Merky AKA Atti­tude — Skream
  12. Pirates — Bur­ial
  13. Food Chain — Search & Destroy
  14. Ruffage — Loe­fah
  15. Strength — L‑Wiz
  16. Dub Peri­od — Skream
  17. Hater — Var­i­ous Pro­duc­tions
  18. Mys­tery Shop­per — Pharoah Over­lord
  19. Gun­man Con­nec­tion — Nicode­mus

One Reply to “Sloppy dubstep mix, 7 Oct 2006”

  1. Hey.….….…am new, but lap­ping up the dub­step, please feel free to send me any­thing you like, so as to boost my knowl­edge of the dub­step way!!
    Tis quite rare to get any kind of dub­step down here in Devon, and would like the out­side com­mu­ni­ca­tion!!!!

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