Sloppy dubstep mix, 7 Oct 2006

Another mix of dubstep tunes. These have been waiting around to be mixed for a while, but I never got around to it. This time, I used NI Traktor to actually mix the songs together. As a result, it is quite a bit sloppier than my last mix, which was assembled in Ableton Live. Enjoy!


download: sloppy_dubstep_mix_7-Oct-2006.mp3 (65.62MB)


  1. Temptation – Distance
  2. Lata – Blackdown
  3. Sholay – High Plains Drifter v Goldspot
  4. 28g – Loefah
  5. Mud – Loefah
  6. Wavescape – Search & Destroy
  7. Disturbance – SNO
  8. Wear the Crown – DQ1
  9. Bulla Cake – Slaughter Mob
  10. flesh wound – Timeblind
  11. Merky AKA Attitude – Skream
  12. Pirates – Burial
  13. Food Chain – Search & Destroy
  14. Ruffage – Loefah
  15. Strength – L-Wiz
  16. Dub Period – Skream
  17. Hater – Various Productions
  18. Mystery Shopper – Pharoah Overlord
  19. Gunman Connection – Nicodemus

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  1. Hey…………am new, but lapping up the dubstep, please feel free to send me anything you like, so as to boost my knowledge of the dubstep way!!
    Tis quite rare to get any kind of dubstep down here in Devon, and would like the outside communication!!!!

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