Dubstep addiction

I have been quick­ly devel­op­ing an obses­sion with a strain of UK club music known as dubstep/grime/sublow, etc. Grime’s vocal artists have had some lim­it­ed expo­sure in the US — Dizzee Ras­cal and Lady Sov­er­eign — but my dub­step curios­i­ty has been hard­er to sat­is­fy. It has been a long time since I have kept cur­rent on any kind of “dance” music, but my inter­est has now been cap­tured.

My first expo­sure has been from online mix­es. There are many radio sets avail­able online. It has been dif­fi­cult to get my hands on the music here in Orange Coun­ty, Cal­i­for­nia, though. My only recourse has been to pay exor­bi­tant ship­ping fees to boomkat.com, or down­load tracks from the bleep.com mp3 store.

What does it sound like? The one uni­fy­ing theme of dub­step music is bass and sub-bass. Over that, the sound can range from very min­i­mal and hyp­not­ic to fre­net­ic and chop­py. The prop­er way to hear the music, appar­ent­ly, is on a giant sound sys­tem that is capa­ble of rat­tling your chest cav­i­ty. I have not had that oppor­tu­ni­ty as of yet, but I have been inspired to look into final­ly putting a sub­woofer in my car.

I am putting some songs here for stream­ing to give an idea of the sound. I will not make them avail­able for down­load. This is out of respect for the artists, who oper­ate inde­pen­dent­ly on a small scale. If you like what you hear, look for more dub­step on bleep.com or boomkat.com, thanks.

Do not attempt to lis­ten to these on lap­top speak­ers. A sub­woofer is required.

Hon­our Kill by luke.envoy (Hot Flush)

Bom­bard­ment of Sat­urn by Vex’d (Plan­et-Mu)
Sparkle by Ele­men­tal (Hot Flush)
The Knowl­edge by Toasty (Hot Flush)

6 Replies to “Dubstep addiction”

  1. Dude, thanks for intro­duc­ing me to this! I am feel­ing the bug as well. “Hon­our Kill” is a great track. I need to get it over onto my mon­ster sys­tem and check it out! If you get a sub for your car, let me know, I am also think­ing of pulling that trig­ger.

  2. I did get a sub, actu­al­ly. There’s a small Ken­wood self-pow­ered one that sells for around $160 (KSC-SW1) if you look around. There’s not much hid­den space in my car because it has a hatch back instead of a trunk, so I decid­ed against a sub box with ampli­fi­er and went for a very small unit. It is not going to set off car alarms as I roll by, but it fills out the sound and gives me much bet­ter low end exten­sion. Every­thing sounds firmer.

    I decid­ed after a spell of over­work­ing, that I should reward myself with some bass. Now I’ve got plen­ty.

  3. cool. will check it out. did you get a pre­amp too? i’m pulling down some dub­step mix­es right now as well… am very into it! like the levy as well, thanks for post­ing.

  4. It comes with brack­ets to set it hor­i­zon­tal­ly or ver­ti­cal­ly, depend­ing on where and how you decide to mount it. I chose this mod­el because it is one of the small­est I could find, and it got good reviews from oth­er Prius own­ers on the priuschat forums. There were also a lot of posts about instal­la­tion and mount­ing to boost my con­fi­dence.

    There are not a lot of places to hide a sub­woofer in my car because it’s a hatch­back. I end­ed up putting it in a tray/pan that sits over my spare tire in the back. A pop­u­lar place with oth­er 2005 Prius installers. It is basi­cal­ly under the floor of the car­go area, cov­ered up.

    If by “sit out in the open” you mean that it is not in a sub enclo­sure, then yes. It is a self con­tained unit, with a built-in ampli­fi­er. Not a dri­ver in a sub box with a pow­er amp, as is usu­al. The remote is used to set the crossover, vol­ume, and phase. It is a wired remote. Some peo­ple leave it tied up next to the amp. I ran it up to the front so I could make adjust­ments.

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