Quiet mix

quietmix.pngThis set was orig­i­nal­ly intend­ed for the “qui­et” room of an art and music event that hap­pened in Berke­ley. As it turns out, I was too busy with the logis­tics of the event to make my appear­ance in said qui­et room.

A cou­ple of years lat­er, when a friend gen­er­ous­ly lent me their 1200s and a mix­er, I jumped on the oppor­tu­ni­ty to final­ly exe­cute this mix. I added a dis­c­man and anoth­er cd play­er to han­dle any dig­i­tal to dig­i­tal tran­si­tions, and I went for it.

This was a Christ­mas gift to my three band­mates a few years ago. I still lis­ten to it on occa­sion. I hope you enjoy it.


down­load: quiet_mix.mp3 (71.47MB)

  1. Stand­ing Waves — Stu­art Demp­ster
  2. mäan­der I — Ekke­hard Ehlers
  3. Con­cret P-H II — Ian­nis Xenakis
  4. Opti­cal Flow — Rafael Toral
  5. track c from mikro makro — Ø
  6. as far as the eye can see — Oren Ambarchi
  7. A Clear­ing of Dead­ness at One Hoarse Pool — Nico­las Collins
  8. Do you know how to waltz? — Low
  9. Come Out — Steve Reich
  10. Qui­et Mind — Rafael Toral
  11. peri­od — Jonathan Cole­clough
  12. Bubaran Hudan Mas — Pura Paku Ala­man Jogyakar­ta
  13. Plux Quba — Nuno Canavar­ro
  14. Drum­ming: part II — Steve Reich
  15. Kuvio 3 — Philus
  16. Aer­i­al — Rhythm and Sound
  17. root + rivulet — Rehash
  18. folk song for cel­lo — savath + savalas
  19. Yulquen — Autechre

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